Our Service Philosophy

Why We Do What We Do

Shelter is one of the most basic human needs and for most people, real estate transactions are the most expensive and stressful purchases (and sales) of their entire lives. Also, short of divorce, they are the most frequent causes of law suits.


Of course, real estate is like every other profession. Some real estate professionals are far more dedicated, experienced, compassionate, and, most importantly, effective than others. And, just like choosing a lawyer or physician, the choice you make in a real estate broker can have a profound impact on your life. We continue to prove that we are among the very best of the best in our profession and we work as hard as we do, on behalf of our clients, to provide the highest level of service because we understand how important this is to people's lives and because we know that our clients deserve, and appreciate, the dedication and the results we provide.


Commitment, Passion & Experience

The guiding light of our practice is to always put our client's best interests above all else and this is well reflected in our client testimonials. We work passionately on behalf of our clients and our team is very experienced at successfully negotiating and closing all types of real estate transactions, from multi-million dollar projects to small condominiums. We also enjoy working with investors and have extensive personal experience buying, rehabbing and managing rental properties.


Teamwork & Flexibility

Our team consists of Sunny and Steve, both experienced, full-time realtors,  along with our assistant Beth, and our daughter Hadley, also a realtor. The benefit for you is that one of us will always be available to address your needs, when they arise.

Service & Professionalism


Our business is almost entirely based on referrals and we continue to have a vibrant, growing business because our clients love that we practice real estate as a service, not a sales profession.  We won't try and "sell" you anything. Instead, we love using our experience to achieve the optimal result for your situation and to help you avoid costly mistakes. We pride ourselves on delivering a wider range of creative solutions and a higher level of service & craftsmanship than our clients have ever experienced before.


 We would love to earn your business. Please contact us today so we can understand how to best be of service to you.



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